why hand made?

Simple, gentle ingredients you can pronounce (and cook with, and grow in garden or farm) -- stuff like coconut and olive oils, herbs, grains, milks, sugars, and spices --  make up the short list of familiar components that go into every bar of natural, hand made soap.

In a world of pricey luxuries, hand made soap is an affordable treat you gift yourself and loved ones and then revisit, and immerse in, and enjoy anew, every... single... day.

Hand made soap is lovely. Whether layered, striped or swirled; topped by hand-formed peaks and textures; or sprinkled with wild foraged blossoms, spices, or herbs; you just won't find this hand-wrought aesthetic (or such meticulous attention to detail) in a mass-produced bar.

Your purchase of hand made bath and body products supports small, sometimes local, often female-run businesses, homesteads, and farms. We appreciate your business, and thank you for that. 

Hand made soap has a conscience and does the world good when its maker chooses fair trade, ethically sourced, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients where possible.

Hand made soap looks, lathers, feels, and smells amazing. Using it is an entirely different experience from using a detergent bar or shower gel, from lush lather, to silky slip, to bright, fresh,  scents. 

Folk who make artisanal soap do so with true passion for the art and science of the process, in a very intentional and conscious effort to make our world a healthier and more beautiful place. It's hard to get rich making indie soap, so what's left (as motivation to make it) is authentic love for the craft.

Hand made soap retains its glycerin -- a natural by-product of soap production, and a humectant that draws moisture to your skin and keeps it hydrated. Glycerin is typically removed from mass produced soaps, then resold for use in other products to maximize overall profit margins.

Hand made soap is gentler than detergent cleansing bars. Those contain petrochemical and artificial ingredients (perfumes, lather enhancers, colorants, and preservatives) and strip moisture from the skin, causing dryness, irritation and even allergy.

Hand made soaps proudly feature exotic, luxurious, and skin-loving ingredients not found in commercial bars (because they're "challenging" to work with, complicate recipes, or cost too much to maximize profitability.)

Hand made soap isn't "one size fits all;" each bar is different than the next. Indie soapers work to perfect multiple recipes, each designed to deliver specific outcomes, including: lather type (dense vs. fluffy vs. slick); skin type (sensitive vs. mature vs. acne prone); or use (facial vs. body vs. baby vs. shaving.)

Wet or dry, artisan-made soap releases fresh, bright, mood-enhancing scents into the air. Stored away from heat and light and kept in an enclosed space (like your linen closet), that gorgeous, natural, essential oil aroma may endure for years.