At Soapfinch, plant oils and butters mingle with blossoms, spices, and zests to bring original, plant-based recipes to fresh, aromatic life.


Clays, kelps, and seeds lend color and texture straight from Mother Nature, and scented goods are fragranced with essential oils, absolutes, infusions, decoctions, or hydrosols exclusively.

Only the highest quality, freshest ingredients are used -- home grown, wild foraged, organic, and sourced locally when possible. These include:

  • Olive, coconut, rice bran, and avocado oils

  • Rich plant butters like shea and cocoa

  • Silky coconut, almond, and rice plant milks

  • Pure essential oils like lavender, patchouli, clove, lemongrass, tangerine, and rosemary

  • Fragrant, soothing herbs and grains you'd find in your own home kitchen

  • Naturally exfoliating seeds, spices, and plants including poppyseed, nutmeg, tea, and coffee

  • Flower petals and buds like calendula, lavender, rose, and cornflower

  • Mineral-rich salts in white, pink, gray, and black

  • Responsibly sourced and renewable animal products like beeswax, yogurt, honey, and milk (goat, sheep, or cow)

  • Earth and water extracts like clays and seaweeds

  • ... and more