BEAN, sold -- Thank you!

This sly little imp was sold yesterday on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who visited the Bear Collectors Anonymous Facebook group to catch BEAN's appearance in their Great Worldwide Online Bear Show. I'm so happy my first piece in a really long time was wanted. You might think I'm confident every piece will sell since I've been doing this so long, but you'd be wrong -- every listing sees me biting my nails with anxiety about how my work will be received. I don't lose sleep over it or anything. I don't cease to function. I don't need, like, therapeutic intervention over it. But I do feel worried, and I think maybe that's a natural part of being a creative person professionally, to worry about whether one's audience is still watching, and still willing to buy. I had lots of fun interacting with fellow bear makers and all those sweet collectors again, especially in this sort of venue where things happen in real time. Thanks to fabulous bear artist and long-time friend Kim Russell for inviting me to participate, and for being co-admin (with Bec Allnatt, my new friend) of such a well-meaning group supporting collectors and artists alike. If you missed out on BEAN because you didn't know where to find him, I invite you to join the Shelli Makes mailing list. You'll be among the first to know whenever anything new emerges from my studio. Click here to subscribe: NEWSLETTER

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