Done, whew!

Potbelly Bears branding, version 2017, is finally complete -- yeehaw! While I love immersing in the graphic design work that consistent branding demands, it's a relief to be up-to-date across website, print, and my wildest, fondest dreams. For 2017, every Potbelly Bear will come with this version of my branding, including business card, hangtag, and Certificate of Authenticity. I used to wonder if it even mattered to provide this paperwork to my customers; it felt uncomfortably self-important to issue a "Certificate of Authenticity" for something little ol' me had made. Over the years, though, I've had more requests than I can count for re-prints of these documents because they'd been lost, or not included when one of my pieces was resold. So clearly,they matter a lot! It's a real pleasure to design them, and provide them for my customers. If you've lost your own Potbelly Bear paperwork, feel free to contact me at any time for a replacement.

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