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I've had insomnia lately -- not fun. I've also been in something of a creative slump for many months now, which is why I haven't made new bears or finalized the branding and business setup for my soap making hobby -- or even made soap, frankly. It's not depression; I'm fine and healthly, and life is good and happy, so please don't worry about me. It just happens sometimes, that I need to unplug and take a break from being creative, especially after flurries of intense making. The urge to create waxes and wanes for me, and I do my best work when feeling energized and inspired. Years ago -- five or more -- I had a blast creating digital collages, mostly fashion, just for fun (no pressure, no timeline) at Polyvore. I even won a few prizes for my mash-ups, the most spectacular of which was a pair of stunningly gorgeous rutilated quartz, gold, and silver earrings from Tacori. Sperry gave me a $100 gift card for a 2nd place finish in one of their contests, too. Those wins made it all the more exciting! Still, I stepped away from Polyvore at a certain point to refocus on those creative pursuits that pay bills! A few weeks ago I thought of Polyvore again, and it occurred to me the stress-free, "in the zone" creative opportunities there might be just the thing to snap me out of my creative lull. So I've been playing there for a few weeks now, entering contests just for fun. It doesn't look like Polyvore runs the kind of sponsored, big-prize competitions they used to, but no matter -- it's still a great joy to make something new and pretty, without risk. And as I hoped, it's working, too; I feel refreshed and inspired anew. If you like doing graphic design (or want to try it); love creating mood boards and collages; or have a passion for fashion or interior design; you might enjoy Polyvore, too. It's easy to learn. They even provide a "clipper" extension you can add to your browser, to grab images from the web for use later. See you there soon, I hope!

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