Tutorial: Easy neck ruff

Skill level: BEGINNER SPOOK's neck ruff is made from a single layer of plaid which looks finished on both sides. It frayed into a pretty fringe when a few edge threads were pulled. If your fabric has a definite "right" and "wrong" side or you want a finished edge you need a backing layer. In that case, as your first step, cut two fabric strips instead of one. Sew those strips (right sides facing) around all four sides, leaving an opening. Turn right side out and stitch the opening closed. You can then follow directions as shown. Easy peasy! About my tutorials These "trade-secret" tips & tricks are original and posted just for you. Pins, links, and shares warmly welcomed! You're free to sell what grows from viewing these tutorials. Please don't repost or reprint them, though, or claim them as your own. Your respect and understanding are appreciated. Happy creating!

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