Tutorial: Foot pads

Skill level: INTERMEDIATE After 10 years as a creative professional, I've learned efficiency in bear making. I've also learned that for a quality result, some things just can't be rushed -- like foot pads. Taking time to "Trace & Baste" each pad, every time, makes every outcome near perfect. Here's my method for attaching foot pads:

  • Trace a 1/4" seam allowance onto the wrong side of each pad with a white gel pen

  • Fold pads in half length-wise, wrong sides together

  • Mark center top and center bottom of each pad with white gel pen

  • Match center top of each pad to leg seam at toe. Stitch to secure.

  • Match center bottom of each pad to leg seam at heel. Stitch to secure.

  • Baste foot pad to foot opening along outer edge

  • Machine-stitch foot pad to leg, following white stitching lines

  • (Optionally, remove basting stitches)

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