Cadbury & egg

Yesterday's offerings (Cadbury & No. 2) sold in a flash, and once again I am humbled and grateful, thanks to the lovely folk who collect my bears. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making my artist life possible, and for liking my bears! Cadbury was my "typical" offering yesterday, with big, hand-painted green eyes and a satin-stitched nose. I enjoyed making his fringed neck ruff and that little egg wand, perfect for spring. Sometimes I like to give my bears gentle but also silly expressions, and Cadbury wears a smile that's just the littlest bit goofy. How do you not smile back? He makes me happy. I used a wool/mohair blend for his head and I hand-dyed mohair for his body with Kool Aid. Did you know Kool Aid can tint mohair? I love the dusky lavender shade it produced.

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