Hi! Thank you for visiting. I'm Shelli Quinn, the "maker" at Shelli Makes Studio. Mom to four grown sons, I live with my MFT husband and two cats, Tilly the wonder dog, and a cage of finches in beautiful northern California, where I've stitched works of whimsy and fabric and fluff in my cozy home studio since 2004.

I'm a fun, cheerful person who makes fun, cheerful things. You're never too old to feel wide-eyed wonder, and life is richer when you do -- don't you think? I strive to keep innocence, curiosity, and magic alive in my heart  (while keeping rooted in reality, of course.)

Creative work is joyful work, and I'm grateful to be a professional maker for over a decade now. I take the job seriously, both to serve my collectors, and for the sake of my integrity and reputation. With each new creation I strive to improve, sometimes innovating new techniques (or adjusting old ones) to achieve a particular outcome. That's why each year since 2004 has brought small but significant changes to what I make, both inside and out. 


Whatever I make -- ears, bears, or soaps, for income or for pleasure -- I'm just one person. I caretake every item I make with lots of heart, single-handedly, from start to finish. That includes sourcing materials; manufacturing; photography; marketing; social media; website design; shop updates; packaging; shipping; and financials. Whew ! That's a lot!

I'm a slow and careful maker, which can test even the most patient customer temperaments!  So if you're visiting and find my shop sparse or empty, please know there'll be more coming soon. In the meantime... if you 
join my mailing list, you'll be among the first to know when new items become available. I promise not to flood your inbox. 

I'm so grateful for, and honored by, your interest in my hand made goods, and for more than a decade of your kind friendship and support. I appreciate and thank you, my customers, and hope you'll continue to be a part of my curious, wonderful, creative journey wherever it meanders, through all the the decades to come.

You matter the world to me. I really mean that. Enjoy your tour of what I make, and please be happy and well.

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