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March 4, 2017

I've had insomnia lately -- not fun. I've also been in something of a creative slump for many months now, which is why I haven't made new bears or finalized the branding and business setup for my soap making hobby -- or even made soap, frankly. It's not depression; I'm fine and healthly, and life is good and happy, so please don't worry about me. It just happens sometimes, that I need to unplug and take a break from being creative, especially after flurries of intense making. The urge to create waxes and wanes for me, and I do my best work when feeling energized and inspired. 

Years ago -- five or more -- I had a blast creating digital collages, mostly fashion, just for fun (no pressure, no timeline) at Polyvore. I even won a few prizes for my mash-ups, the most spectacular of which was a pair of stunningly gorgeous rutilated quartz, gold, and silver earrings from Tacori. Sperry gave me a $100 gift card for a 2nd place finish in one of their contests, too. Those wins ma...

March 11, 2013

On weekends, I browse antique shops with my best friend, husband Tim. We rarely skip a week. Why? Because it's soul-feeding, somehow, touching the past. There's more inspiration in gatherings of those careworn, well-loved objects than any stucco-fronted big-box strip-mall store could ever offer. Case in point: this mirrored oak dresser with its curvy but simple lines, topped with a fresh green-themed vignette.

Afterward, at home, I pulled cinnamon and chocolate mohairs from my stash for my next two bears. Guess which accent colors they're likely to feature? I'm thinking spring green, gold, and creamy beige. Can you see the inspiration? It's all right there on that dresser top.

Although I do reserve the right to change my mind...

September 9, 2012

We enjoy antiquing -- not necessarily to buy, but to seek inspiration and touch history. The graphic designer in me finds old typography and graphics particularly fascinating. My favorites are those pieces which, on close inspection, are irregular. Hand-drawn. There wasn't software back then to assist outcomes. A real person labored over those designs, all ink and paper and so much measuring and erasing and finesse. They come to life because of it, with beautiful soul.

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