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April 22, 2017

Potbelly Bears branding, version 2017, is finally complete -- yeehaw! While I love immersing in the graphic design work that consistent branding demands, it's a relief to be up-to-date across website, print, and my wildest, fondest dreams.

For 2017, every Potbelly Bear will come with this version of my branding, including business card, hangtag, and Certificate of Authenticity.

I used to wonder if it even mattered to provide this paperwork to my customers; it felt uncomfortably self-important to issue a "Certificate of Authenticity" for something little ol' me had made. Over the years, though, I've had more requests than I can count for re-prints of these documents because they'd been lost, or not included when one of my pieces was resold. So clearly,they matter a lot! It's a real pleasure to design them, and provide them for my customers. If you've lost your own Potbelly Bear paperwork, feel free to contact me at any time for a replacement.

March 18, 2017

Today, I was tickled and surprised to find hundreds of likes for my Polyvore set, above. I was tickled because it always feels good to be liked (especially for how my design brain works.) I was surprised because I usually get, maybe, 3 or 5 likes per set -- or for an especially unique set that's been on-site for a while, I maybe get 12 likes over the course of a month. Or year. :)

Peeps had not only liked my set in droves, but also sent messages of "Congrats!" and "Good job!" So I dug around to learn why, and I was flattered to discover that Polyvore itself had chosen this a "Top Fashion Set" for the day -- so fun!

I don't Polyvore to be popular -- though, as I wrote, it's always nice to be noticed. The truth is, I play stylist & designer there because it's easy good fun and it's fantasy, and because (as I wrote a few posts back) it gets my creative juices flowing in a way that's non-pressured and free.

Do you Polyvore?

March 5, 2017

For someone who loves tinkering with graphic design so much, I sure have dragged my feet when it comes to wrapping up the long overdue rebranding of Shelli Makes Studio, some elements of which have been live on this website for months (eek.) Both business card & hangtag will have gloss fronts & uncoated backs -- pretty! And what a relief to have them finally done. Whew!

March 4, 2017

I've had insomnia lately -- not fun. I've also been in something of a creative slump for many months now, which is why I haven't made new bears or finalized the branding and business setup for my soap making hobby -- or even made soap, frankly. It's not depression; I'm fine and healthly, and life is good and happy, so please don't worry about me. It just happens sometimes, that I need to unplug and take a break from being creative, especially after flurries of intense making. The urge to create waxes and wanes for me, and I do my best work when feeling energized and inspired. 

Years ago -- five or more -- I had a blast creating digital collages, mostly fashion, just for fun (no pressure, no timeline) at Polyvore. I even won a few prizes for my mash-ups, the most spectacular of which was a pair of stunningly gorgeous rutilated quartz, gold, and silver earrings from Tacori. Sperry gave me a $100 gift card for a 2nd place finish in one of their contests, too. Those wins ma...

November 7, 2016

The last few weeks have seen me busy rebranding Shelli Makes to include a new passion -- soap making -- and a hint at more things to come. The redesign has been a true labor of love, but it's a labor all the same. I'm more than ready to escape to less digital, more hands-on, flights of creative fancy. Almost there... !

June 14, 2013

Hello friends! I'm checking in after a while away from blogging. Here's what's new and exciting in my world:

First, on a personal note... my youngest Noah just graduated high school with a 4.0+ GPA and lots of AP credit for college. Life's been a whirlwind, full of family visits and so many celebrations around this huge event. Noah's off to beautiful UCSB -- a gorgeous University of California campus right on the ocean -- this fall. I'm so proud I could burst.

On a design note... My 'Glamping Stripes' pattern, originally created for a Spoonflower weekly contest (and now available on t-shirts, iPhone cases, totes, and pillows, among other items at Society6), is featured in the "Trailer Treasures" section of the current (issue 14) Australia's Vintage Caravan Magazine. Thank you Editor Lisa Mora, for the compliment and honor of this appearance!

Last (but certainly not least), on a teddy bear note... I'm thrilled to announce a new partnership with the incredible Silly Bears of Aberdeen,...

September 13, 2012

This week's Spoonflower contest has a donkey & elephant theme. My entry Donkey Donkey Eliphonky is a softly illustrated wish for kinder, gentler politics this election year.

You can vote for my entry (and/or any of the rest) on Spoonflower's weekly contest page, through next Wednesday. Thanks in advance if you do. :)

September 9, 2012

We enjoy antiquing -- not necessarily to buy, but to seek inspiration and touch history. The graphic designer in me finds old typography and graphics particularly fascinating. My favorites are those pieces which, on close inspection, are irregular. Hand-drawn. There wasn't software back then to assist outcomes. A real person labored over those designs, all ink and paper and so much measuring and erasing and finesse. They come to life because of it, with beautiful soul.

August 28, 2012

Being in demand and selling out are lucky problems to have, but problems they are all the same. I don't like having nothing to offer customers between bear releases. So now there's a line of Shelli Makes goods available 24/7, on demand, at Society6. First to arrive  in shop are illustrative designs derived from existing textiles -- but what fun it would be, to feature bears and pinkeep photos, too...? Something to work toward. What do you think?

August 27, 2012

My Fun Finches  fat quarter design won 1st in Spoonflower's Etsy Craft Party contest and was featured on Etsy's How-Tuesday blog earlier this week. Very exciting! Click here for a look at these cheery birdies on Spoonflower. Bonus: Coupon code ETSYPARTY12 gets you a free custom printed fat quarter featuring this or any Spoonflower fabric.

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