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April 22, 2017

Potbelly Bears branding, version 2017, is finally complete -- yeehaw! While I love immersing in the graphic design work that consistent branding demands, it's a relief to be up-to-date across website, print, and my wildest, fondest dreams.

For 2017, every Potbelly Bear will come with this version of my branding, including business card, hangtag, and Certificate of Authenticity.

I used to wonder if it even mattered to provide this paperwork to my customers; it felt uncomfortably self-important to issue a "Certificate of Authenticity" for something little ol' me had made. Over the years, though, I've had more requests than I can count for re-prints of these documents because they'd been lost, or not included when one of my pieces was resold. So clearly,they matter a lot! It's a real pleasure to design them, and provide them for my customers. If you've lost your own Potbelly Bear paperwork, feel free to contact me at any time for a replacement.

March 5, 2017

For someone who loves tinkering with graphic design so much, I sure have dragged my feet when it comes to wrapping up the long overdue rebranding of Shelli Makes Studio, some elements of which have been live on this website for months (eek.) Both business card & hangtag will have gloss fronts & uncoated backs -- pretty! And what a relief to have them finally done. Whew!

November 7, 2016

The last few weeks have seen me busy rebranding Shelli Makes to include a new passion -- soap making -- and a hint at more things to come. The redesign has been a true labor of love, but it's a labor all the same. I'm more than ready to escape to less digital, more hands-on, flights of creative fancy. Almost there... !

August 26, 2015

I sold the first Potbelly Bear in 2004, marking the start of a creative career I never could have anticipated. I've met the warmest and kindest of people, and I've had the most wonderful time!

In the years since that first sale, Potbelly Bears has grown its offerings. I still make Potbelly Bears, of course – but also Old Timers, pincushions, and more. I've rebranded to be more inclusive of that. And since "Shelli Makes" all that I offer, Shelli Makes has become my new name.

I'm especially excited about the new shop feature. It's easy to use, and a self-contained purchasing portal – and also serves as a gallery of recent work. I don't anticipate any problems with it, but if you have questions or comments about the Shelli Makes shop, please eMail to let me know.

I hope you'll enjoy the new look, and thanks for checking in. I appreciate you.

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I love sewing, soaping,
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