Custom Order


Custom Order

  • A Potbelly Bear original, designed to your custom specifications!  Shown is a sampling of completed, sold, commissioned works.


    • One of a kind — forever 
    • Measures 12-16" head to toe
    • Mohair or alpaca textile of your choice
    • Wool felt paw pads
    • Five joints at neck and limbs
    • Stuffed with polyfil
    • Weighted with rust-free bb's 
    • Premium hand-colored or black glass eyes with lids
    • Embroidery floss nose, hardened for snag-free longevity
    • Softly shaded with permanent pigments 
    • Wearing a simple neck accessory of your choosing
    • With sewn-in embroidered fabric tush tags at rump
    • Complete with Certificate of Authenticity
    • Not child safe 

    Fancy accessories (tiaras, floral wreaths, clothing) and special features (wings, pulled toes) may be possible to negotiate. These options may require an additional fee, payable before work begins, to cover special materials and extra labor. 

    I can create your piece "in the spirit of" or "inspired by" any existing work. but can't copy prior work exactly out of respect for collectors who purchased those pieces as one-of-a-kind originals, never to be duplicated.

    Commissions must be paid in full before work begins. Please eMail me at any time with questions you may have about the process, or with special requests you may have (features, accessories, timeframe) that I may -- or may not -- be able to accommodate.

    To book a commissioned work, click "Add to Cart" and pay in full. I'll eMail you within 24 hours to start our detailed conversation about your wishes & preferences. Pricing includes materials and labor for one (1) commissioned piece. 

    Materials not-on-hand and specific to your commission may need to be sourced before work can start, so please allow up to 4 weeks for your custom piece to be finished and shipped.  


    Commissioned work is not returnable or refundable; please review my return policy below for details.