All the "blah, blah, blah" that matters.

What does "Ready to Ship" mean?

The item is in stock, and ready to ship within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excepted.)

What does "Made to Order" mean?

The item is out of stock, and will be made just for you. 

Do you accept "Custom Order" requests?

Happily! Purchase a "Custom Order" to start the process. 

Custom Orders are currently "out of stock" in your shop. How do I place a Custom Order?

When Custom Orders aren't available to buy, I'm catching up on orders. They'll be restocked in the Shop just as soon as my workflow allows. In the meantime, please consider:

1) Writing to ask if I can squeeze you in (I often can)

2) Writing to ask when Custom Orders will open again

3) Joining my mailing list to receive Shop updates automatically

4) Bookmarking my shop and checking back soon 


If Custom Orders are closed, I'd still love to hear from you to discuss your ideas. If we brainstorm what you want in advance, I can work faster to get your piece made once Custom Orders open for purchase again.

Can you remake a headpiece you've made previously, that's no longer listed for sale?

Yes (probably, mostly) via the Custom Order process. The palette, proportions, design, and feel of a piece can be remade at any time. Raw materials identical to the original piece might not be available, though, so similar materials might need to substitute. If you have questions about a remake, I'd love to answer them -- please write!

Will you duplicate a headpiece that someone else made?

Even though I can duplicate someone else's work, I won't. I'm committed to creating with integrity, and that means being original in what I make, and not copying the work of others. Having said that... If you want to share a photo of someone else's work to describe the look or feel of what you want, or show me something I might be able to make for you in a not-identical way, please feel free. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.


Will Imaginearz fit me?

Almost certainly. The foundation of every piece is a flexible plastic headband. One size fits most. If you think you might need special fit accommodations, just contact me to discuss.


What materials do you use?

Every piece begins with a new plastic headband covered in fabric. New and/or vintage materials are added including fabric; faux flowers; glitter; wire; felt; ribbon; cording; feathers; poly stuffing; foam; and/or other textiles. Permanent non-toxic pigments, adhesives, and sealants might tint, adhere, or finish the design. 

How do I care for my Imaginearz?

Imaginearz headpieces are built to handle rides; outdoor events; and extended wear. They can break or sustain other damage, though, if mistreated, or if subjected to strong force including being sat on, stepped on, twisted, or crushed. To keep your handmade artisan headpiece in heirloom condition for a lifetime, please treat it kindly, with a common sense level of care. A gentle shake, a puff of canned air, or a cool burst from your hair dryer will remove dust. Avoid fading by storing away from direct sunlight.

Can Imaginearz get wet?

It depends. For most Imaginearz, light rain is fine (unless stated otherwise, such as with fabrics that stain when wet. Please see individual listings for details.) Imaginearz aren't designed for weather extremes, though, so please protect your headpiece from heavy rain and soaked-to-the-point-of-saturation rides, and avoid storing in direct sun, or a hot car. If you need something guaranteed to survive a soaking, please write and we'll discuss your options!

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept PayPal exclusively; it's instant, it's international, and it's simple, straightforward, and safe. Pay from an existing PayPal account or as a "guest," using any major credit or debit card. 

Do you offer layaway?

For purchases over $99, you can pay over time with PayPal Credit. You'll receive your Imaginearz immediately yet you have six (6) full months to pay, at 0% interest.


Here's how:

  • Check out with PayPal

  • Choose PayPal Credit (available on items over $99)

  • Answer 2 quick questions, accept the terms, & get approved

You can apply for PayPal Credit in advance, too. Click here to learn more.

Do you accept returns?

Imaginearz can't be laundered, so they can't be resold to someone else. That's why they're not returnable. If a piece arrives to you damaged, though, or you have other problems with your Imaginearz, please email me right away. I'll always do my best to make things right.

Will you ship internationally?

If you're outside the US and would like to buy Imaginearz, please write. I'd be delighted to ship to you, but need to calculate your shipping costs manually (based on your country of residence) and then invoice you for this additional payment separately, after you order.

Why do prices vary?

Cost of raw materials + labor + overhead determines pricing. Pieces that are (1) easier to produce; (2) made from lower priced materials; or (3) both; cost less. Pieces that are (1) time consuming to create; (2) made from expensive or rare materials; or (3) both; cost more. Overhead is kept to a minimum and covers typical business operating expenses like city, county, and state seller licenses; utilities; web hosting; and equipment maintenance. 

Why won't you make ears with hand-built character faces? 

Because those character likenesses aren't my Intellectual Property. I'm committed to creating with integrity, and that means honoring and respecting the artists/corporations who originated those characters, and the Intellectual Property (copyright) laws that protect them. If you'd like to know more about Intellectual Property and copyright law, please click here.

Are Imaginearz child safe?

Imaginearz are designed with your inner child in mind but may contain small parts, so they're not suited to the very youngest of children. Please purchase responsibly.


Imaginearz can be made child safe if you request child-safe design adjustments -- please inquire!